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The tangerine talks

What's your plan for this summer? Want to go on trips to beautiful beaches? Yeah, we all do but this pandemic situation has slowed down our lives and locked us within the four walls of our houses.

This is the time that made us realize that we were in a trap of rat race, we were running on unknown paths leaving happiness behind just to find success. “Success”  which we thought will lead us to the doors of happiness. But now that we’ve actually opened our eyes, we see that this situation has - 

1 - reunited us with all our “sweet n sour” childhood memories

2 - We now know how fast time flies 

3 - How we’ve tackled all our fears and fights 

4 - How we’ve handled our weaknesses which only made us stronger over the years. 

We all needed this break, to know ourselves a little more, to spend time with our own soul, to get some fresh air in the lap of our mother earth. 

Let's enjoy this summer with the beautiful little touch of comfort with our loved ones, remembering our tangy stories with loads of fun and emotions. Under those blue skies, when we ran away after plucking those tasty tangy fruits, Life has changed, we all grew up but what’s left to do is relive those beautiful moments. 

Now I'm listening to the whispers of summer again, I can taste those tangerine fruits, I can feel the sun rays scorching on my face, and all this refreshes my soul. This reunion with my old friends is like a restart. 

These cotton dresses are so light and airy, they make my soul feel free and now I dream that I can fly. The doodles of bright little wildflowers and the dresses with beautiful hues of blues and whites make us feel more connected to our nature, with a little more comfort and a little more freedom making my soul free and living a little more.

"This is the story of The Tangerine Talks,

With my girls in the autumn walks."