About Us

“ A hub for all those strong minds, ambitious women and the nomadic souls.”

VRITTA came to life in January 2018 with a very strong and clear concept, a motto to provide a refreshing break from this cliched industry. We aim to offer a ready-to-wear contemporary clothing made from bio-degradable fabrics with superior aesthetics. The brand is an amalgamation of the past with the present, and thus, with every ensemble and collection we narrate a story that our customers can look forward and relate to.

Taking inspiration from the mother nature, the brand carries a language that is resolutely feminine yet classy. VRITTA aims to stand out loud in the market by offering global fashion at competitive prices. Its feminine designs, prints and exclusive range of accessories are well conceptualized and value-conscious.

We seek to establish a strong relationship with each customer, thereby aiming to build a community. A community of ambitious, free spirited people who are not only nonconformists but also self-driven.

The brand has its own identity which is about being close to nature, rooted yet modern in its approach. We are aware of the concerns of our consumers and want to provide them a platform which is trustworthy, a clothing line which is body friendly.